As an existing Pathway or CiteNet customer, you receive preferred rates when you sign up for the SmartReach service. You also receive regular additional savings on your long distance calls to any country!

To ensure you receive the preferred rates, please enter your Pathway or CiteNet Email Address and Password below:
E-mail Address
How to redeem your bonus coupon*
  1. If you received an email with a bonus PIN, log into the Customer Portal in the top left corner with your SmartReach Username/PIN and Password, and click on 'Apply Credit' in the left hand menu.
  2. Enter your bonus PIN, as instructed on the screen, and click 'Apply Credit'.
  3. Your $5 credit will be added to your account. Start making calls!
If you experience any problems with the SmartReach Long Distance service, please contact our Customer Service.
*Please note: A minimum deposit of five dollars is required to set up and create a SmartReach account.
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